Seau Homestay in Zhangzhou zhenhaijiao

by Linxin Liu

Projet Description

Haruki Murakami once said, "I want to see people after seeing the sea for a long time, and I want to see the sea after seeing more people." The healing power of this blue zone has always been beyond people's imagination. And this kind of down-to-earth and indulgent feeling, the moment standing in front of it is the best interpretation.
This is a small fishing village surrounded by the sea;
This is a house facing the sea;
She bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city and let you find the poetic flavor of life.
Mountains and sea, islands and sand, the imagination of life, can be placed here.
Zhenhaijiao is located in Qiwei mountain, Zhenhai village, Longhai City, Zhangzhou. It is a peninsula with green hills on its back and surrounded by sea on three sides. The air is humid, sometimes with strong wind and even typhoon. Sea / u is located in zhenhaiwei ancient city, facing the sea, you can see the lighthouse. She is the nearest home stay from the sea in zhenhaijiao. She lies in her room to watch the sunrise on the sea, soak in the bathtub to watch the sea and listen to the tide.
In the design process, the designer hopes to bring more sea view into the house, and the whole building body has been covered and the facade has been transformed, so as to achieve the brand combination of building and B & B positioning of "meet you at the seaside".
In the process of design landing, designers and B & B owners repeatedly deduce to seek more appropriate product positioning and audience groups, so as to coordinate the relationship among customers, B & B and sea when they settle in B & B in the future. The entire design team has paid a lot of effort, on a display are carefully selected, carefully compared.
Cactus is planted in the courtyard, and the house is white and blue; a red and white lighthouse is in the distance, and there is a small tree with a crown like a peach heart in front of the door; the design of white style makes her the most beautiful building in the whole street.
Each room according to the preferences of the guests, let the color become the most natural decoration in the space, and also extend the young and fashionable atmosphere of life into the room. On the premise of not breaking the basic function of "accommodation", the designer hopes to let the guests have a better experience. Through the creation of color, material, space and landscape, the designer inadvertently brings more surprises to the guests. The overall design consciously promotes the interaction between people, people and space, space and sea.

Linxin Liu