Sales center of Shenzhen Vanke bicycle factory

by TCD² Interior Design

Projet Description

The sales center of Shenzhen Vanke bicycle factory is located in the geometric center of Shenzhen City and the gateway area of Banxue science and Technology City in Bantian planning. The superior location makes the project have the inherent conditions to radiate the whole Bantian area, and the surrounding cities are rich in supporting facilities. However, the population of Shenzhen is too dense, and there is also a lack of public open space and green space for leisure. The project plan hopes to create a series of comfortable and natural spaces in the center of the city by maximizing the use of vegetation and elaborately arranging the space order, taking vegetation as a magic hand, or repairing or absorbing.
The rhythm of space is spread out by the array of white glass fiber tubes. As a two-sided and symbolic material, glass is fascinating for its dual properties of transparency and reflection.
The warm fiberglass tubes are arranged in array to guide the space poetically. The white texture dispels the hot summer atmosphere of southern cities, and combines the space with the natural scenery with the virtual reality of the line of sight. The space is surrounded by a purer place because of the outline of the light wood texture. The permeability and purity are intertwined, the vegetation is lush, and the atmosphere focuses on the feeling of life Edification, flexible play in this space, twists and turns, full of interest.
Hu Shi once wrote a pair of couplets by himself: "let things be as they are, let the trees be the house, let the heart be not far away, let's get to the point.". What it describes just meets people's pursuit of returning to the original nature of life nowadays. It is hopeful, feasible, tourable and livable. It is the ideal residence that Oriental people always pursue in spirit. In different days, climate, light, plants will show a different side, so that nature, space, people to achieve a balance.

TCD² Interior Design