Sachi Intelligent Equipment R&D Center

by Wang Chen

Projet Description

Sachi is committed to building a benchmark smart factory of the future with a perfect combination of world-class automation and informatization. The design of the R&D center aims to abandon the modular baffle grid rooms at the end of the 1980s and create a new garden-style office social mode. The development of science and technology promotes constant changes in office methods, and the immersive experience and flexible scenes are more in line with the new office mode. In the 5-story modern glass curtain wall building, the designer has enlarged the concept of the garden infinitely, introduced it into the building interior, and overlapped with the office space, creating an ecological garden of contemporary art in the space. The space of more than 7000 square meters is divided into three main functional areas: the atrium garden, the reception exhibition hall on the first floor, and the office space.

Wang Chen