Rongchuang Guangshen Chunfeng Lingnan Library

by Guangzhou Jushe Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Longshan library, built by rongchuang group, is located in Fogang County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. The local people live a good life and are happy and self-sufficient. It is a challenge for designers to make the space really integrate into the life of the local people in the way of "building a city".
First of all, put bookshelves into the space, then put full of books, set up tables and chairs, and the rudiment of a library emerges. This is the spiritual image of designers depicting a city.
In this case, the superposition and juxtaposition of the sales office and the library, through the design to build the divinity of daily life, create a taste of good, practical and usable experience and activity space. The significance of design is to perceive the edification of art and the beauty of life in diversified daily and multidimensional life.
People's perception of space starts from the moment when the line of sight meets. Designers create a kind of space experience, rather than a kind of visual interaction that reaches a certain aesthetic threshold, or a kind of spiritual communication that moves people. With the vision of looking at the epitome of a city's spirit, designers define the space purely with design and art, return to the true, and create an interactive communication space like spiritual territory. After the function of the sales office is completed, it will be completely transformed into a community supporting library, integrating into people's daily life and meeting people's higher spiritual demands rooted in daily life.

Guangzhou Jushe Decoration Design Co., Ltd.