Right or wrong – Running clouds and flowing water

by Chen Luan, Wei Qiaorong

Projet Description

The central idea of design: the philosophical "home" in life
Project location: Sanming, Fujian
Design area: 120 m2
Designers: Chen Luan, WEI QIAORONG
Material application: super white vitrified brick, baking paint wall panel, 600 * 1200 imitation cement stone brick, black steel, black texture coating.
When it comes to abstract painting, which artist do you think of first? ----Barnett Newman??? When you first see Barnett Newman's works, you must think like this: "isn't this a line? I can draw, too! "
Laozi says, "it's difficult and easy to grow up with each other "This is a correct way of thinking to guide students to appreciate abstract art. Concrete works give people a clear and lifelike feeling from the surface, but we should think about it from a deeper level, otherwise it is easy to make the works superficial.
Life is a practice. We have to go through a lot of things from "point" to "line" to "surface" to form our own "view".
The starting point of this case is thus expanded. The entrance porch is the starting point of a visual point. It radiates the combination of each line segment, so that different perspectives form different compositions. The overall white surface of the background wall allows light to reflect everywhere and enlarges the light sense of the space. The wall type TV cabinet is simple and complex, like a huge picture, wrapping the TV, time flowing from the picture, and the overall black color of the restaurant The cabinet draws the space closer, and the black and white are close to each other, forming a sense of conflict, leaving a single space for display, destroying the integrity and increasing the aesthetic proportion. The table board of the small window is placed with "Anna's light", just like the ritual feeling of praying before dinner and thanking God for his gift, so that we can enjoy the rich food. The independent cabinet in the entrance is used as a wall to divide each space The independence of small ornaments and the interrelation of space, not to do a thing at a point, but to leave room, small ornaments in a wall to find its edge - "life is not lack of beauty, but the lack of eyes to find beauty.".

Chen Luan, Wei Qiaorong