by Wei Lu

Projet Description

In this case, we have made some adjustments and rearrangements in the original house structure according to the living needs of the owners, emphasizing the practicality of the function and the integrity of the structure and form. Each space is used properly, the color embellishment is used just right, the line is also safe, the seat is also safe!
International aesthetic standards, inheriting Oriental aesthetic feelings, embracing modern life, hiding Oriental temperament in the sympathetic echo of technology, materials and color matching, make Oriental modern home. Chinese elements are integrated into modern light luxury, making the space fresh and elegant, leading modern people to combine traditional culture with residence, creating rich connotation of future Oriental elegant luxury living space, and pursuing modern life The ultimate quality, detailed design and control, let customers feel and yearn for high quality life from the drop.
Enterin house:Step into the hallway,"The river reflects the autumn shadows and the big geese just flew south. Bring a good wine with friends to climb high and look into the distance." The scene is quietly waiting for the audience in Zhong'an. When you close your eyes, you can hear the geese screaming in the sky, and when you open your eyes, you can see thousands of feathers fluttering. The coexistence of virtuality and reality is the main color of landscaping and wall decoration. This is a dialogue between space and time. The stones are stacked, the scenery is complex, the flowers and plants are hidden, the poetry is full, the mountains and rivers are hidden in the environment, the spirit is hidden in the chest, and the 5m aerial design greatly enriches the aesthetic expression of the home space.
Living room: take the meaning of nature, turn the artistic elegant environment, the texture of natural landscape, complement each other with the space, elegant and perfect, flexible and elegant, new Chinese elements in the process, material collocation, deduce a rich connotation of Oriental texture, pave a layer of pure elegant atmosphere, a touch of fragrant orange, let the space instantly fresh up, half solemn, half elegant, the beauty of neutralization is The key point after careful consideration.

Wei Lu