Reminiscence of time and white waves

by MingYang

Projet Description

The design of this case is based on the theme of modern light luxury style, which is suitable for the householder and his three generations. With the modern light luxury style and other elements, they combine and blend with each other. Different from most modern light luxury, they don't create too many right angles, but use more curved surfaces. Taking comfortable and luxurious design style as the main theme, simplicity without losing aesthetic feeling is the basic feature of modern light luxury. Modern light luxury has been popular for several years, but it still maintains a strong momentum. This is because people always want to be comfortable, practical and simple when decorating, while reflecting a certain artistic taste. Modern light luxury not only pays attention to comfort and practicality, but also reflects the delicacy and personality of modern social life, which is in line with the taste of modern life. So the central idea of this design is that life should focus on leisure. Overall consideration, in terms of the overall layout, try to meet the needs of the owners' life. The walls are mainly made of wood veneer and light colored stone. With the design of ceiling and decoration, the comfortable and gorgeous feeling of modern light luxury is reflected, and a warm and healthy family environment is created.
In terms of function, the living room is a symbol of the owner's taste, which reflects the owner's character and status, and is also an occasion for making friends and entertainment. The TV background wall is mainly made of light brown stone, vertical grille and wood veneer. With the curved surface modeling on the left side of the TV, it gives people a gentle and mellow feeling. With the lighting from the top, the whole TV background wall improves the living room.