Red Ding Dou Lao Han Street new store decoration design

by Wuhan Jingyun Space Construction Co., Ltd.

Project Description

The project is located in the third block of Chuhe Han Street, Wuchang District,The future high-end fashion department store Wanda Plaza and Beijing Hualian SKP will open soon,The project is at the crossroads of consumer groups on both sides. It is surrounded by high-end residential Wanda Yuhushijia Community and 5A commercial office building Wanda Global Center。Han Street has a large flow of people, young customers, and creating high-end business banquets while taking into account fashion is the focus of the case。
Chinese traditional culture is abundant,With Han and Tang culture as the core, Hongding Dou Lao Han Street Store carries the spirit of classical Chinese architecture and prosperous temperament, weaving traditional aesthetics into modern design,It is realized through artistic design,The humanistic spirit infiltrates the space inside and outside, and vividly conveys the prosperity and customs of the prosperous era of Han and Tang Dynasties.
Through the construction of color, screen, shape, create five forms of expression, the garden dinner, Tang style elegant rhyme interpretation。
The fusion of food and environment brings a comfortable and quiet dining environment。

Wuhan Jingyun Space Construction Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Jingyun Space Construction Co., Ltd. is focused on building decoration design, construction as an auxiliary construction company. Nearly ten years of development, the company integrates some advantages of resources, the company's business scope mainly includes building decoration design and construction, building curtain wall design, brand design planning, architectural consulting five sectors. The company has a building decoration engineering design special grade B, building decoration engineering professional contracting level two, building curtain wall engineering professional contracting level two, building decoration engineering professional design level B, waterproof anticorrosion insulation engineering professional contracting level two.
Through years of accumulation and exploration, the company has possessed the master project management service ability, advanced design, scientific construction, rigorous work attitude and excellent engineering quality, and won wide praise from all walks of life. Jingyun Construction focuses on hotel catering, entertainment clubs, commercial office and other fields.In the past ten years, I have served the State Grid, China Construction Bureau, Hubei Trading Group, Wuhan Traffic Brigade, Tianjin Social Security Bureau, Ningxia Fire Brigade, Wanda Group, Zhuoer Holdings, FuXingHuiYu, Huayi Real Estate, YuanTong Group, Baoan Group, Hongding Doulao, Sanfive Hotel, Jinzhong Lane Holiday Inn, Guilu Resort Hotel, Jing Li Yue House Hotel, Huakun Chain Hotel, Hongjun Foot Road, Chaoniu One, Xinmin Day Catering, Green Pavilion, Air Fitness, Qingbo Fitness, Mai Feng Fitness, etc Won the owner's praise.
Enterprise vision - to be a well-known comprehensive service provider in the architectural decoration industry
Enterprise spirit - pragmatic, enterprising, refined, quality
Pragmatic, we insist on seeking truth from facts, down-to-earth to do everything; Innovation, an innovative heart determines how far we can go;
Be vigorous. Each of us must have a diligent heart, the ultimate; Quality, quality is our ultimate pursuit, determined to Jingyun products must be quality.
Service concept
Heart service - from the customer's perception, enhance customer value;
Active service - "first" consciousness, constantly guide, dig customer needs, beyond customer service expectations;
Efficient service - pragmatic, fast, accurate grasp of customer needs, quality, perfect production.
Enterprise purpose - to create quality projects, the pursuit of careful service.
Core values - product first, responsibility first, trust based.
Enterprise slogan - Building a better life in the city.