Reconstruction project of Guizhou characteristic cultural pedestrian street

by Yazheng Liu

Projet Description

Reconstruction project of Guizhou characteristic cultural pedestrian street
Shixi Road Commercial Street, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, is located in Yunyan District, Guiyang city. The surrounding traffic is convenient. The commercial street is about 800 meters long, with a total business area of 120000 square meters.
This transformation focuses on the upgrading of the street landscape and the guide system, and the investment proportion focuses on the construction of the red dot. For the block facade reconstruction, local reconstruction is adopted to reduce the overall investment and the pressure of communication and coordination with the existing owners. Reduce investment pressure.
Design highlights:
① Strengthen the impression of IP entrance, easy to spread
② The block elevation of continued symbol
③ Continuous element landscape creation
④ Through the form of guide system and art installation, give prominence to independent selling points and characteristics
⑤ In the small alleys and square areas, the lighting and art installations are used to reshape the nine gates and four pavilions, show Guiyang labels, and attract the Internet red to punch in
⑥ Top business + people friendly market culture
⑦ The scene of literature and art shows the old time
⑧ Yangming bookstore, with Yangming's mind learning as its spiritual IP, aims to build a literature and Art Bookstore integrating reading, gathering, coffee and cultural creation.
Strengthen the impression of the entrance: use the steel frame to lift the environmental protection simulation green plants, create the ecological Guiyang installation scene on the ground, and combine the technology of light and shadow interaction to create the romantic dream net red landmark.
Strengthen the impression of the entrance --- reconstruction of the current situation of the Northwest Gate: the use of eye-catching color and lighting atmosphere, never forget on the viaduct.
The combination of guide system and art installation -- landmark design of southeast gate: highlight independent selling points and characteristics -- heart like landscape.
Application of block structure and landscape elements: through wrapping the original building with bamboo and steel materials outdoors, the modeling of Guiyang local mountains, terraces and caves is simulated, reflecting the beauty of natural ecological mountain forest. Provide tourists with multi-dimensional interaction with the environment, recreation, travel, photography and other needs.
Continuous element application of block facade: implement the design concept of "modern interpretation of tradition", refine the element symbols representing Guiyang scene, and enrich the overall visual effect of block from three aspects of device modeling, plane carving and color matching.
The integration of alley entrance area and lighting installation: through wall relief, lighting art installation and other forms, the ancient architecture form of city gate is reproduced in the streets. Every street has its own selling points and characteristics

Yazheng Liu