by Tang Wei

Projet Description

This case does not take the traditional new Chinese style as the subjective design. We start with the oriental culture and the aesthetics of life formed from it. More and more traditional oriental culture composition, aesthetics and artistic conception appear in Chinese people's houses. This is a kind of fresh and refined Oriental spirit, a kind of Oriental aesthetics.
In the design of the dining room, the material and color are the two highlights. The light gray wall cloth, together with the sense of hierarchy produced by the wood itself, matches with the visual center of the living room, a large number of white stones and fireplaces. It gives people a modern but Zen like feeling of artistic conception. As the finishing touch, the water green and WAN color, which symbolize Chinese style, not only embodies the primary and secondary relationship, but also endows a kind of Oriental luxury, from the outside to the inside, containing but not revealing. On the soft dress, the collocation with concise shape and oriental charm is selected. On the color, white and light gray are used as the echo, and water green is used as the embellishment. Presented to the buyer, a vague and connotative impression of the East.
The design focus of the master room is to highlight the artistic taste of the space, and pursue the elegant and quiet space experience without losing details. The selection of design and materials focuses on the consideration of harmonious tone, looking for the contrast of texture and level. The wood veneer with metal lines as the base, and the background wall with gray wall cloth enrich the sense of hierarchy, but also set off the fresh and elegant space atmosphere At the same time, it is full of Oriental Zen.

Tang Wei