Powerlong Jiaojiang Sales Office Interior Design

by Vanpin Architecture Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The project is located in Jiaojiang district, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province. Jiaojiang area belongs to the largest Wenhuang plain in the northeast Zhejiang.
The interior design focuses on the use of architectural style, extracted from the building’s "v-shaped" array arrangement to get the line. Thus to achieve a sense of permeability and etiquette.
The design of the background wall of the sales control desk in the sales office extracted the pearl shell elements from the ocean to draw the outline of the mountains. Combining with the lighting to create a kind of sparkling beauty of the artistic conception. The entrance hall is designed to extract v-shaped glass curtain wall elements from the outside of the building. The ceiling and facade are connected with aluminum plate structure, giving customers a kind of visual shock and extension. Meanwhile, the design of linear light also strengthens the stereoscopic sense and orientation of the overall modeling, guiding customers to move along the lines and bringing a sense of grand ceremony to the space. Negotiation area’s background wall design extracted ocean elements of sparkling pearl to outline the mountains and rivers. The light set off to give a person the magnificent scene, golden art lamps are just like a soaring dragon flying in the mountains. And its background wall lamplight is designed according to the light in the middle of during the day, give the audience the daydream space of beautiful creamy feels.

Vanpin Architecture Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd