Gold Creative Award International Design Competition

Poly aishangli sales center

by Chongqing Xinghan decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The project is located in Chongqing Jiulongpo Shiping bridge, surrounded by many bus and light rail lines, with mature supporting facilities, leading the western district property market. Aiming at the young people who just need real estate, poly aishangli introduces the concepts of "online Red City, live video competition, time shuttle" to connect the functional areas of the space, and at the same time to provide more possibilities for marketing in the event of an outbreak of the epidemic. Poly aishangli sales center traces back to the landscape culture of Chongqing. The designer creates a poetic corner in the smoke, where he meets time and a gift from the future.

Chongqing Xinghan decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd