Philosophy of simplicity

by LiKang

Projet Description

This design uses form, texture and contrast to provide reference Ms Lin It is a family of five people, which makes an ideal residence full of senior feeling. Interior design is influenced by customers' lifestyle, minimalism preference and family parent-child atmosphere. Here, black and white elements ensure the internal continuity, and terrazzo injects a strong contemporary materiality into the interior. The super large glass sliding door makes the indoor and outdoor infinitely close, bringing sunshine, lushness and vitality to the space.
In the choice of furniture, more inclined to consider its mature quality and thoughtful details, in line with the overall tonality, but also "understanding.". At the functional level, as a family of five, the project also needs to balance the elegant and simple interior design with the actual needs of daily life. How to store and hide the inevitable daily sundries in the big family is a problem that designers must consider and optimize. Simple but elaborate lockers are used in the whole design to make daily necessities fit the minimalist aesthetics.