Oriental City

by Huang Aiwu

Projet Description

Every case is customized.No one who keeps loving beauty will grow old. "- Kafka We always say that architecture is like an open book. You can see the top ambition of a city. In terms of space, it is more like an eloquent prose poem. You can see that it is the ultimate pursuit of life.The sense of ritual is to shine every ordinary little thing and create a sense of ritual of returning home,Tell you: live here.Slowly move your sight into the living room, and there is no partition in the whole space,The pattern of large open surface paves a beautiful background for the design and becomes the most powerful background.The collision between metal and marble, the unique beauty set off by cotton, hemp and leather, looks warm and comfortable in the sunshine, and the green plants and hanging paintings match the modern Italian home in the space, showing a unique artistic spirit.The living room and dining room are in a horizontal coherence, which well reflects the fluidity of space design.Art is an aesthetic creation, which transforms reality into emptiness, combines emptiness with reality, and transforms emotion into the expression of subjective will.In this fast-paced and prosperous urban life, here is the final ownership of body and mind. It's not pleasant to relax here until the sun shines into the room the next morning.

Huang Aiwu

Zhige space design Founder and Executive Director honor: Milan International Design Awards, Italy; The Bauhaus International Design Competition for Outstanding Works Award; Ten jianfang actual combat challenge national top ten promotion designers; Jiaxing city top ten new designers; China's top 100 home decoration design designers; Cool + creation camp annual pioneer list TOP150; Casati Good Life Competition Space Aesthetics Award; Zhejiang Province Architectural Decoration Design Competition Residential Design Award; Mango Award Promotion Designer; Chinese architectural decoration outstanding apartment, villa space design figures; Red Ding Award for best display in residential space; 40UNDER40 China (Jiaxing) Outstanding Design Youth; Jiaxing city top ten new designers; Jiaxing city's first interior design competition won the highest popularity award; Oupai Cup top 100 award-winning designers; ...... "Busy is the death of the soul, it is really a darkest time of spiritual death." On Teaching: Only by slowing down, then you will find the beauty.Most people can't find beauty because they are too busy to slow down. Not only on the body of the busy, more is from the mind of the busy. Calm down and take care of yourself inside, why are you busy, what do you want? In this disorderly and rapid era, everyone's heart, all have a feelings, Are eager to have a space to put their own, do not need to camouflage, can be quiet and calm, return to nature. Because of my inner love and obsession, I decided to redesign the space environment relationship in my limited ability Life is difficult to have a big happiness, always have "small true happiness". This is my inner pursuit of the design of the space.Love and gratitude in your heart, to follow what your heart really wants. No longer decorate the industry chaotic life, to pursue their own yearning for design, the mood becomes peaceful and beautiful. Let yourself and your customers find the "small happiness" in life, and find their simplest happiness.