by ChenYi、XiaoFeng

Projet Description

In order to watch the sunrise, I used to get up early. At that time, the sky was still bright and quiet.
I looked around under my feet and saw a pure white conch lying on the beach. I gently picked it up and put it close to my ear. It seemed that a woman in white was whispering to me: "Jingqu Fangyuan".
Jing, for one, can be "clean and pure". Used in the space, giving it a pure white color, it is bound to create a beauty of artistic conception.
Second, it can also be interpreted as "quiet" or "quiet". Meditation, calmness, and no disturbance.
Square and circle, one rigid and one soft, one static and the other moving, one straight and the other curved, are originally relative shapes, and blending with one of the best trends creates the beauty of harmony.
Natt brand is inspired by the English word "nature", which means nature. Always adhering to the brand concept of "all for beauty", taking the beauty of nature as the brand foundation.
Service to the pursuit of healthy, natural, fashion customer groups, for each customer to provide professional, stylized art.
This case also aims to create a pure, natural and fashionable hairdressing space for Nate nature beauty. It is more appropriate to feel the melody of this space with the beauty of nature.
Square and circle are the foundation of creation, and all shapes are formed by their changes and divergences.
Based on the design, the square column in the open reception area is transformed into a column to echo the space.
A square can be drawn as a circle by reducing and simplifying its edges so that it is smooth and has no edges and corners.
Visual sense is essential to space, involving shape, size, color and texture. Its application is inseparable from the combination of direction, position, space and other elements, and the two can also be converted to each other.