Nanxun Oriental Ink Mansion Community Landscape

by Vanpin Architecture Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Projet Description

This project is located in Nanxun, Zhejiang. Nanxun is well-known for its culture: craftsmanship, poetry is included in their way of life. Local culture advocates simplicity with artistic taste, landscape design in their eyes is the embodiment of the spiritual pursuit. In this project, water element is used as a sort of "mirror", mountain shape is reflected by the water along with the rest of the landscape to create an artistic conception. Extracting the winding terraces in the streamline to form three-dimensional structure and peaceful, calm Zen in the atmosphere. The traditional artistic concept of mountains and the modern style of geometric superposition is combined, with the modern design methods. In planting design style, this project adopted modern natural style, the theme is to create a natural, simple, comfortable, and relaxed space with ecological rationality, diversity.

Vanpin Architecture Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd