Nanjing lanyue Fangshan model room

by Meiling Wang

Projet Description

"Six Generations of Luxury, Wang county, Urban Exquisite and Luxurious Art"
Yimei design's plan for Nanjing lanyue Fangshan model room is inspired by the city's temperament, balancing history, present and future, using the "harmony" of nature and culture and the "change" of life style to create a modern house with unique elegance. Through the two types of a and B, it interprets the definition of home of the young generation, and conveys the modern concepts of fashion, ecology, art and life.
House type A
People love Seattle. They love its literature and art. The air is sweet and fragrant. Romance sprouts at the seaside in early summer. Some people know each other and fall in love with each other
The inspiration of house a comes from the city of Seattle. Its natural scenery, cultural customs and landmark buildings are transformed from consciousness to space concept. The space needle tower, snow mountain Rainier, Pioneer Square, science fiction Experience Hall, Ferris wheel, music, art and fashion make the memories of Seattle visible, audible and touchable, and integrate the culture of Nanjing With fashion, deduce the unique modern space aesthetics.
On this level, the design coordinates the color matching, material selection, space installation and modern art, achieves the temperament restoration, and can touch the lifestyle with taste and texture from any angle and in any way, making the home more fashionable and warm.
House type B
Milan, the city of fashion and art, can be beautiful in autumn all the year round. It is the deep and poetic beauty of quietness and beauty. Even though we have met countless times, we still look forward to it
Under different light and color, the simple architecture naturally shows its extremely artistic and luxurious side. Such fashion and prosperity not only represents the contemporary fashion, but the traces left by history will gradually become a symbol in the long river of time, highlighting the prosperity of the past. The design of unit B adopts Milan autumn color system, adheres to the classic elements of the city, and creates a dream home with retro elegance.
Under the cushion of elegant colors, the installation ornaments with individual rhythm, from visual sense to spiritual resonance, are interpreting the coexistence of multiple cultures. And in order to make the artistic atmosphere full in this dream house, the design depicts a "traveler's attitude" in pursuit of artistic appreciation, which integrates the urban artworks brought back by travelers into the whole space, stores a simple and beautiful memory, and describes the space style through art.

Meiling Wang