by Yin Chao

Projet Description

This case is a young and fashionable couple with a son and a daughter. The overall style is based on the modern industrial dark style. Most people think that the home should be bright and bright by nature. "Sub-item", but today this family is doing the opposite, letting dark colors become the main theme, bringing a healing power that is different from normal. The entire space is based on gray tones, with the ash that fills the room, wandering between black and white, conveying the homeowner’s casual and fashionable home attitude. The entire public area is rarely partitioned. They hope to use a connected way of getting along to interpret the intimate relationship between family members. They hope to replace greetings with laughter, replace knocks with footsteps, and measure love in an unobstructed space. . For parents and children, feeling love is especially precious, and the family connects this love silently. The living room on the first floor faces the outdoor garden of the whole house. After washing by sunlight and moisturizing by rain, the garden is reborn. Moving the scene into the house, the whole room becomes simple. The breath of nature, the debris of the sun, the fragrance of the earth, the magic of nature is that no matter what mood you are in, it has magic power to make you happy. The fresh and natural green plants, the soft and comfortable fabric, the warm and elegant log coffee table, and the smart and interesting various small ornaments make you can't help but take a deep breath of the exclusive taste of home in the air.

Yin Chao