Mansion on Haitang Zhongchuang Street, Jinnan District, Tianjin

by Tianjin Lingshuo Construction Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Haitang Zhongchuang street, which starts from Jingu road in the north and ends at Jinnan Avenue in the south, has a total length of about 3 km. The building area along the street is about 183000 square meters, of which the usable building area is about 72000 square meters. The current business is mainly catering and entertainment.
Relying on the advantages of science and technology talents of Haihe Education Park, with the help of Alibaba cloud's top technology strength and Alibaba cloud, Tianda and NANDA, alicloud Innovation Center (Jinnan) base has been established. The design will connect the three-story office building and street landscape to form a business office area with the flavor of science and technology innovation. The project involves artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Internet, big data and big health. The new retail is planned to be built on the east side of yarun road to create a continuous and dynamic Haitang Zhongchuang street.
This design tries to weaken its own image as much as possible, and deals with the landscape in a very humble way. It is intended to think about the relationship between people and landscape, cater to the site environment, and strive to achieve a good connection with the natural environment. Landscape design focuses on simplicity and nature. Through deep thinking of ecology, future and quality, it aims to create artistic space experience and comfortable and appropriate space scale, skillfully connect architecture and landscape, and pay attention to people's feelings.

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