Los Jameos del Agua

by Carrillo Arquitectos

Projet Description

In this single-family housing project in Madrid (Spain), construction work completed in December 2019, we have applied a concept that stems from the phenomenon of the -Jameos del agua-; a natural space and an art, cultural and tourism center designed by César Manrique. Located in the north of the island of Lanzarote and is also considered an ecologically sensitive area. For this reason, we want to achieve a unique space from the place where the project is located. This concept has inspired a promotion of 20 single-family homes, within the neighborhood of -El Bercial-, in the municipality of Getafe. The lot is bordered on its three sides by streets; three roads with wheeled and pedestrian traffic and one pedestrian. This allows us to obtain four facades of the set. The project intends to respond to a situation of "urban unity" that emerged as a small finding, something different found at random, just like when an astrologer suddenly discovers that celestial body that he was looking for precisely in the most unexpected place.

Carrillo Arquitectos

Main designer’s name: Carrillo Arquitectos
The profile of him/her: José María Carrillo Rodríguez, architect.
Adress/Contact: Calle Cabo Estaca de Bares, 12-B. Local 13. Boadilla del Monte, 28669 Madrid (Spain).
Website: www.carrilloarquitectos.com
Email: info@carrilloarquitectos.com
Tfs: 0034660831197