Longda Group Office

by Lin Shaohang

Projet Description

The structure of the office space is not only about rational thinking that satisfies functions. In the open space area, the smooth light lines align with the lines of the ceiling and the ground, so that the space not only presents a soothing and clean idea, but also as Sou Fujimoto said in "The Birth of Architecture", "The construction of a space is like ecological Similar to the system, Lenovo Forest not only has the image of the forest, but also includes the insects that grow in symbiosis with the various trees in the forest, even down to every leaf and the weak insects that symbiotically coexist with the forest." As natural, users who enter the space can think at any time with creative resonance and independent free vision, separated from the current screen and keyboard, using painted glass as wall decoration, using the most natural pen and ink to outline the vast universe of thinking. The strip-shaped lamp tube and the ceiling shape keep the local and overall structural echoes, and the wood veneer acts as a partition to form the hierarchy of the space and the privacy of the function. In this soothing and smooth space, the upper and lower lines with a sense of order are constructed, and the sense of depth brings a degree of freedom.

Lin Shaohang