Living with the mountain, and besides the sea coast. / Residential space at Guoling villa residence

by Meng Xiangfei

Project Description

The essence of design is to listen to people's inner needs. It is not base on the functional dominance , it’s the link of temperature with emotional. The design and construction period of this project runs through the entire COVID-19 pandemic. The begining intention of the owner is to build a spiritual space where the body and mind can be relaxed by close to the mountain and the sea.
For nowadays Minimalism prevail most of other design style , if minimalism is the common cognition of designers, then vintage style may be a good medicine to cure the soul. After communicated with clients, here is a set of urban women as a perspective, anti-fashion trend of the spiritual field of home life.
"This is not a house full of design techniques."
"There's a lot of footage here, it's a journey or a split second of a moment, between restraint and enthusiasm, and the latter is be chosen." The completion of a space that makes the owner comfortable is not something that can be achieved alone, and the real respect for the user's intentions is the key. The value of design communication in this space is properly realized. A space like an art gallery is also the stage of the life for the resident, in keeping with taste, and intertwine with expressionism, between into and out the society, through the vision and colors to spread out, straight right into the mind . Home is a very cognitive drive place, is a side of life with a happy life atmosphere, the owner of the case is keen on travel, collection, in the aesthetic has her own distinct attitude, the home has become a place to collect, the designer weakened the boundary of the space, for the follow-up "home" to free growth.
In such a free world, the endless interest of Oriental aesthetics is like a silent language, transformed into a rich and keen poetry, which bring a touch to the heart, also seems to play an enduring magnificent movement. Between meals, tea, bottles of flowers, utensils, toasting and talking in a friendly atmosphere , touching the bottle with fingertip, sagacity growth, mind accumulate and horizon extended. New and old, red and blue, bright and gloomy, the rustic and delicate art paint left with traces during the time passing by, and new ideas also coming up with. Here residents can always find their own comfortable and relaxed corner, close or do not disturb each other. The humanistic atmosphere in the space penetrates into the daily life of this corner, achieving the aesthetic confrontation between traditional culture and modern residence. At this moment, warm sunshine, four seasons changing in this space, pick up a book, enjoy the free, comfort and calm pleasure. Every departure, every arrival, is here, but the mood is become different. The retro and elegant branches and leaves of the master bedroom space are stained on the wall of the bed, and the light right through gauze curtain , regular details and artistic grade preserved.
The moment when they enter the door, the word crossed their mind: "you should let the sun shine on mind, not just the body."

Meng Xiangfei

Graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in Master Degree.
Personally adept in bring artistic aesthetics into space design, advocating diverse interaction and integration, taking execution and result presentation as the mission, often examining the design responsibility under the historical background, and achieving the value of compositions in present era. Focus on the introduction of "humanity, nature and art", through exploring the underlying logic of design, to interpret the harmonious integration between space and person.