Lingjiang Garden Commercial Villa Model Room

by AC Studio

Projet Description

People don't like to be idle, it's not just doing nothing. If you are free you can read, you can visit famous mountains if you are free, you can make good friends when you are free, you can drink alcohol when you are free, you can write books when you are free. The joy of the world is nothing more than it is.
The developer's villa is a very special project, which needs very little decoration construction and construction period to show the space. It is convenient for buyers to understand the products of the project.
Because we don't do a lot of decoration, we have higher requirements and higher degrees of freedom. This is a space product of a private club. Living is not the most important. Entertaining friends, one pot, one stove, one flower, one plant, one leaf, one painting, and cooking wine and drinking tea together are its main functions.
Fujian Province produces tea with beautiful Jianzhan and long tea culture. Interior design is to provide a place for these cultures, poems and activities. If we don't plan anything, but think about what space we need for friends to get together, we will put it in the room and the natural design will be formed.
Because of the project nature of Shangshu, there is not a lot of budget. Choose the most conventional hard material, warm gray latex paint, woven PVC floor, metal as the main material of space. Because of the implantation of cultural themes such as Jianzhan and socializing, the space is not so dull, but more interesting.

AC Studio