Line drawing


Projet Description

Line drawing-in the Chinese traditional painting technique, it refers to the drawing method that only uses ink lines to outline the image without modification and rendering; when used as a literary expression method, it means to use simple and concise text to describe the image. Nowadays, when the aisles in the neighborhoods are becoming more and more noisy and the pace of life is getting faster and faster, more and more people are beginning to yearn for a haven where they can calm themselves in this turbulent wave of times. So tea ceremony and Zen, the two pronouns of slow-paced and exquisite life, went upstream and became one of the most common elements of today's interior design style. In this set of works, the designer takes Zen and tea as the themes to carry forward the artistic conception and atmosphere it contains. As described in the technique of line drawing, the form and concept of this book without a fixed pattern are integrated into this simple and concise space.
As a work of home space design, empty artistic conception is definitely not enough. The design of this work of line drawing naturally also considers the use in real life. The best performance of this feature lies in the design of the restaurant and tea room. In the original room layout, the dining room and the tea room were separated by walls, resulting in the dining room being surrounded by walls on three sides, and the space utilization rate was too high, which easily gave people a sense of smallness and depression. After actual investigation, the designer chose to dismantle the wall between the tea room and the restaurant, and replaced it with a circular arch for visual partition. Not only has the restaurant's sense of space been greatly enhanced, it has also improved the overall lighting and ventilation of the tea room-restaurant area. On top of this, the designer set up a tatami platform for the tea room, and then let two original wooden platforms pass through the circular arches, so that the tea room and the restaurant can be viewed from a distance, but they can be separated from a close view.