Line and surface space

by Weifeng Ni/ Shuqian Xiang

Projet Description

In this case, there are many beams, high and low floors, long and narrow space, unreasonable stair position, occupying most of the space, and the whole house has no ceiling, facing the design problem of unable to route. Finally, through meticulous emotional consideration, art is infiltrated into every corner of the residence to convey the life concept of "quality and nature go hand in hand", so as to achieve the aesthetic construction of poetic dwelling and harmonious environment.
Leisurely into the hollow high living room, the collision of colors, staggered lines, different materials constitute a bright picture. A hollow high, the formation of the second floor living room space through, making the spatial relationship is fuzzy intertwined, but also have mutual continuity and echo.
The spacious and bright French windows cater to the natural environment, presenting the host with a long scroll observation perspective like a giant screen movie version. Sitting on the two-color and detailed sofa, receiving the greetings of natural light, they are comfortable and idle.
In this clean and white space, the living room takes the relaxed and natural atmosphere as the keynote, except for the complicated decoration and the main chandelier, in order to ensure the clear height of the space, the rest of the lights are transited in the form of light belt, creating an open and transparent sense of space vision, simple and elegant, adding new vitality to the whole space.
The kitchen space is closely connected, the ideal food has more interactivity and possibility, increase emotional communication, make the space more fireworks.
The open kitchen not only increases the overall sense of space, but also makes people feel comfortable rhythm of life. Based on the owner's living habits and ways, the combination of white cabinet with black lines of high cabinet and low cabinet can not only meet the rich storage, but also enhance the fresh comfort of the space. Even a touch of red into this large white, become the soul of the finishing touch.
Balcony and French windows are reserved outside the teahouse to make the space more natural and comfortable. On the first floor, the corridor is in beige color, with green decorative paintings at the entrance of the teahouse, echoing the color of the teahouse.

Weifeng Ni/ Shuqian Xiang