Landscape design of Xinglong ziyunfu residential area

by Bian Zhe

Projet Description

Design Description: the inspiration of landscape elements in this design comes from the words related to cloud. Taking the beautiful words such as smooth walking and flourishing clouds as the theme concept, the concept of cloud elements is extracted, which means that the life of residents living in ziyunfu is gathering and rising like clouds, and the scenery and life are brilliant and colorful. The shape and structure of various clouds are combined and deconstructed into the landscape design of the park by using the changes of lines, colors and materials, so as to build an ecological and leisure living environment.
In the conceptual design, we determine the positioning of parent-child space, sports space, jogging space, leisure space and other space and site functions according to the division of venues for the elderly, young people and children. Create a residential space in line with the context and characteristics of the site, including planting configuration, road network distribution, architectural sketches and public facilities layout, which not only highlights the functionality of the site, but also reflects the visual and psychological feelings of residents.
The ancients thought that "Ziyun" was auspicious. Ziyunfu is a romantic, auspicious and heavy name. Ziyunfu is mysterious and noble. Ziyun is a purple auspicious cloud, which reminds people of the beautiful artistic conception of Ziqi Donglai. It is ethereal, wanton and flexible. Therefore, we position this community as a medium and high-end community that can bring us a better life.
The design of this project focuses on the intersection of nature and art, extracts "blue clouds, colored clouds and purple clouds" as the theme elements, captures the modern simple, natural and luxurious fashion sensitive points, and interprets a poetic space mirror.

Bian Zhe