Landscape Design of Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City

by Zhou Yue

Projet Description

Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City, located in the scenic spot of Xuefeng Mountain, southeast of Hunan, is the only ancient city in China that preserves the commercial style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The prolonged mercantilism tradition and developed commercial civilization have nurtured the unique merchant culture of Hongjiang. As a living fossil of history and culture, Hongjiang has been upgraded based on the principle of trinity of ecology, culture and characteristics. The roads in the ancient city were paved with green stone slabs, but most of them were long been worn out over the years and of varying heights and widths. The team repaved and repaired the damaged road surface on the basis of retaining the original appearance, forming a three-dimensional road landscape special to the ancient city. The landscape design took into account the extent to which the protected objects are affected by human activities balanced the tourism development the production and livelihood of local people protected the original plants and natural scenery, and gave full play to the ecological advantages of the landscape pattern of the ancient city. The environmental landscape design of the developable area is coordinated with the style of the ancient city, highlighting the local architectural and commercial features. While preserving local old and precious trees and wildflowers, the team created a plant community that includes trees, shrubs and grasses. In the corridor, the street is connected to the square, and the flower pond formed a whole with the square, so that the ecological flow can operate reasonably. The landscape of the south bank of Yuanshui River retained the original plants and improved the plant community so that the mono-functional green space has turned into a multi-functional one. Culturally, it restored the historical appearance of the ancient wharf, combined with local popular cultural elements, added sculptures, miniatures and other landscape decorations, and eventually formed a unique regional and professional cultural display wharf, fully demonstrating the local commercial civilization. The ancient wharf walkway is attached to the ancient city buildings, which formed an elegant ecological environment and a rich historical and cultural atmosphere, thus creating an ecological and pleasant ancient city.

Zhou Yue