KKONE Star Enterprise Club

by Zhang Nan

Projet Description

This case is located in the South business district of Futian Central District, Shenzhen, middle level of kkone, overlooking the whole of Shenzhen, with a panoramic view of the prosperity of the city. Therefore, the design of this case starts from the practical functions of the club, combines the superior geographical environment and extraordinary viewing angle, and combines the overall space with functions to create a noble and comfortable private space.
The vast sea of clouds, at the end of the cloud. The space is located in the elevator room of the club. When the elevator reaches the top floor, the elevator door opens and the sea of clouds in the decorative wall in front of us seems to bring us into the cloud of the city. The scenery inside and outside the window runs through each other. From different perspectives, different cloud effects can be seen here, as if walking in the clouds. The dark space creates the vastness of the universe, and the circular ornaments symbolize the matching of planets in space. The mighty lion sculpture adds a kind of momentum to the space, which makes customers shocked by the majestic momentum created by the cloud space of the guild hall. The ultimate art, all inclusive. This space is intended to be an art exhibition hall, including the collection of paintings and works of art, so that guests can feel the artistic atmosphere here. There is no angular disc of heaven and earth, which is meant to contain. The hanging lamp is as bright as the stars in the starry sky. In such an all inclusive art space, it seems to be in a bright star. The vast universe, in the sky. This space is located in the rest area of the water bar of the guild hall. The transparent glass curtain wall looks down to see the city's red and white, and the sky is full of stars. The lamps and lanterns in the space are connected with the theme of the space, the stars all over the sky, the low moon. After seeing the hustle and bustle of the city, I have a rest, wine tasting and chatting. I feel like I belong here, far away in the hustle and bustle of the sky. Constant line edge, bright bright bright moon. As if this is a dynamic restaurant, streamlined ceiling through the space, ring chandeliers like planets around the stars, more sense of fortune. The selection of marble materials places the space in the starry sky, like the wonderful galaxy of the universe.

Zhang Nan