Jinyuan Spring Wine Museum, Shandong, China

by Intent East (Beijing) Design Consulting Co., Ltd

Projet Description

This space is an immersive Chinese wine product experience store integrating inheritance and innovation. It is located in Shandong and aims to create a new business card for Shandong cultural wine space. Shandong is not only the hometown of Confucius and Mozi, but also rich in cultural and historical heritage. It is also the hometown of Saint Luban. The spirit of craftsmanship has been passed down through thousands of years of development, and its influence on future generations and architecture can be described as profound. The space club combines the two, taking music as the foundation and treating each other with courtesy. While highlighting the brand design style, it embodies the regional culture and ideas of Shandong. The store uses a combination of product exhibition and customer experience to reflect wine culture in every detail of interior design, space layout and product display. The interior design of traditional Chinese courtyards is used as the blueprint for the design and planning. The brand’s cultural heritage and development history are in the same line, adhering to the concept of integrating tradition, innovation, nobility, fashion and other elements into the design, creating a Chinese-style space with traditional classical charm without losing modern fashion style, reflecting the intention of the east The concept of "traditional elements, contemporary design".

Intent East (Beijing) Design Consulting Co., Ltd