Jinhui fengyaxuan Project Sales Office of Huizhou

by Shanghai AOD interior design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

This is a modern Chinese style Sales Office covering an area of 660 square meters. Lingnan culture is the original culture. Based on the unique geographical environment and historical conditions, Lingnan culture takes agricultural culture and marine culture as the source. In the process of its development, it continuously absorbs and merges the Central Plains culture and Western culture, and gradually forms its own unique characteristics - pragmatic, open, compatible and innovative. Therefore, through modern decoration techniques, the beauty of landscape and humanity will be injected into this project, aiming at future innovation and inheritance of traditional culture.
With a holistic thinking, the landscape of fishing on the sea is created in a minimalist way to create a clear and open pattern. Walking in the streets of Huizhou is like swimming in a picture. This city near the water is not only attracted attention by the power of science and technology, but also charming by cultural innovation. Jinhui Qiuchang is witnessing the changes of Huizhou's urban development.
The Huizhou character represented by "water" is vividly displayed in the design of Jinhui Qiuchang sales office. The building is surrounded by light, which looks like a glass house box and a cabin. People, objects and landscape are integrated into a perceptual and integrated whole. Transparency is one of the characteristics of traditional Chinese architecture. The Oriental walls often show the characteristics of lightness, translucency, simplicity and openness. Designers choose glass brick facade materials, creating a wide field of vision and art like penetration.
The trigger point of memory is often in the casual details. The stacked tiles make people think of the traditional dwellings in the misty south of the Yangtze River. Resin acrylic with digital artistic texture, its composition changes with the light, so as to mobilize people's emotional germination. Entering the negotiation area, the abstract expression of "water" in the design is softer. The blue impression of water, under the vibration of light waves, is a subtle combination of water blue, lake blue, water green and gray. The bar is surrounded by the inner negotiation area by the contrast of the virtual and real marble. The art seats are arranged at random with a sense of luster. It is also practical and can be enjoyed. Branch shaped chandeliers present different shapes from different angles, which is in response to the fluidity of the whole space. No matter shape, color, spirit, everything in the room can be restored to the sense of tranquility possessed by nature.

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