Jinhai Lake Commercial Building Project

by IVY Architectural Firm

Projet Description

The project is west of Hudi road and the famous landmark ‘Fish of Shanghai‘,which is located in Fengxian District,Shanghai. The whole base is divided into north and south parts by the central city square. In order to avoid the sense of separation between the buildings, we built an air sightseeing corridor with the design theme of ‘Carp leaping over Dragon Gate’, which connects the buildings on both sides as a whole and provides a function of civic entertainment for the project.
The building is designed to streamline the terrain. The middle is higher while the two ends are low with dynamic modelling, the shape of building is like bird wing. The aim is to build a landmark building of the city and to create a communication platform for citizens by integrating the building with the environment. The function provided by the air corridor is highly consistent with the bridge. We hope to integrate the strength and elegance of the bridge into the building to create the most representative landmark of south Shanghai. The folded surface interlacing of the curtain wall unit in the facade design not only satisfies the need to resemble fish scales, which matches with the theme, but also improves the energy-saving effect of the building and controls the problem of light pollution.
The internal and external combination of architectural function and form is balanced. The building offers a rich experience between the city and the environment, fast and slow, calm and lively, thus creating an interwoven carrier of culture and life for the citizens.

IVY Architectural Firm