Je Beijing restaurant

by Fan Jie

Projet Description

Je Beijing restaurant: in oriental aesthetics, the design emphasizes harmony but difference. Fair faced concrete facade, introverted and indifferent, exudes the high-grade atmosphere of Art Museum. The designer demolished the floor slab of the original space and set up a metal staircase in the grand space, which makes the overall moving line feel like a change of scenery of the Royal Garden corridor bridge. The color of the stairs is Chinese red, and the shape and meaning come from the ribbon. The lights on the stairs are outlined like gold silk lines. Standing in the space, it is an aesthetic sculpture.
Gauze curtain style glass lamps are the extension of curve elements, which soften the space with shape and meaning, dispel the rigidity and coldness brought by cement and metal, and fit the atmosphere of dining space.
Card seat sofa area and atrium, the use of both retro and fashionable dark green. The walls on it are crisscrossed with glass and cement bricks, extremely rough and extremely delicate, giving rich possibilities to the second "skin" of the space.
Je Beijing is rooted in the unique temperament of Beijing for thousands of years. The oriental charm is in the interior, and the shape and meaning are not limited to one style. The "red ribbon" is the soul. In the asymmetric layout, the Chinese and Western elements are perfectly combined, which truly deduces the trend of modern catering space with the integration of food and environment.

Fan Jie