Impression of Nancheng

by YaChen Zou

Projet Description

The client of this interior design work is a romantic post-80s generation. Now in 2020, the whole international and even domestic atmosphere is mixed with optimism and anxiety. We still see the freedom and strength of that single woman in the face of this client. In the process of her talks, we gradually came to know the residence she hoped for-an innovative space combining Chinese and Western, a high-level harbor that can make her calm.
To design a single woman who can embrace a peaceful destination in modern society, it is naturally not advisable to have too complicated color matching. At this point, in addition to the customer's pursuit of Chinese and Western integration and high-level sense, we set the main color tone of the entire design to calm, elegant and easy-going gray. We believe that only loneliness can make people discover and recognize themselves, and loneliness has always been with her. There is a lonely temperament in her buildings, so the buildings that belong to her will not be designed for those who are afraid and avoid loneliness. At the same time, gray also represents firmness and strength. This coincides with the belief of client singleism.
From a design point of view, the concept of Chinese and Western integration is not incompatible with home decoration. But how to deal with the conflict between "retro" and "innovation" while forming a specific idea, and to give it a sense of high quality on top of it, is the most critical aspect of this case. Traditional Chinese art pays attention to charm and form and meaning. When it is embodied in the shape, it means that it does not need to be too entangled in the whole piece of furniture. Therefore, on this stone table, we use the zigzag and reciprocating arc to turn it into a natural artistic handwriting, freehand drawing the abstract artistic conception of winding mountains and clouds, just like ribbon-shaped clusters of clouds. In the end, it created a clear and spacious space texture that was flowing with the wind, and built the mountains and clouds in this ten-inch square. As for the matching of the sofa, as opposed to the regular round stone table, we chose a contemporary art sofa designed in the West. It has a square and smooth shape and a soft and comfortable body feeling. When matched with the stone table, it is just one round, one soft and the other rigid, with oriental charm and Western aesthetics. And now that the traditional Chinese style symmetry and balance concept has been broken in the arrangement of the coffee table and sofa, there is no need to continue to pursue a balanced structure on the wall decoration. This pair of accessories aims to find regularity in asymmetry. The same elements are arranged in a chaotic order with subtle angles. A little rebellion against the rules is the

YaChen Zou