Hulunbeier water ecological museum

by Junming He

Projet Description

Hulun Buir water ecological museum
Design Description: We fully consider the relevant constituent factors of Hulun Buir, and integrate them into the planning logic of the whole architectural design, and properly combine with the regional characteristics of Inner Mongolia, so as to well depict the appearance of the water ecological Pavilion in the hearts of grassland people.
In the process of data collection and site investigation, we learned that there are thousands of rivers in Hulun Buir grassland, such as Erguna River, Hailar River and mozhgele river. Grassland people also have the habit of living by water. Hulun Buir area is composed of six municipal areas and seven banner counties. Through the in-depth analysis of the above elements, we have the design inspiration for this project.
Through the state of water droplets gathering, we symbolize the harmony and unity of the people in various areas of the grassland; we use the river surface of the murigele River as the linear composition of the whole building facade, and finally present the streamlined and modern Hulun Buir water ecological museum. This design is consistent with the life concept of grassland people living by water, and the 360 ° viewing platform can fully let tourists experience the complete grassland style.
We believe that this project will become another landmark of Hulun Buirr grassland and the most beautiful scenery on the grassland.

Junming He