by Steven Li

Projet Description

In this project, SEPD team breaks through the former design threads and goes beyond the boundary of “styled” spatial art. Overall design approach aims at presenting the integration of space art and diversity. We believe that the contemporary villa life contains classical elegance, urban elements, thoughts of Zen, visual texture perception and Sino-West cultural blend.
There is a poetry from the Chinese well-known poet LI Qingzhao, saying“Why would I struggling getup and sharing my tea to others? Just lie down in my cozy cushion with a book on hand, enjoy the outside courtyard view in the shower of rain.” Imagine when you are pouring a pot of tea, the gleaming water is just grasped in your hand, simultaneously you are surrounded by tea aroma. What a chilling atmosphere right here in the Tea Room.
There is another poetry says“I used to bet with my friend in the tea room, our clothes were infused with tea aroma. Now whenever I am sitting here, memories bring back to the old time happiness.” So in this project, we extended the classic interior color design idea from Song Dynasty, which is color beige going with reddish brown. Meanwhile, we care for the way of artwork texture and display. We strive to connect traditional art with modern elegant touch.
In this space, we designed the whole wall panel filling with different sizes of tea cups, which reveals the spirits of humanity art, and creates a leisure mood.
We collaborate the natural light, a vintage round-backed armchair and background wall with carved calligraphy.
The texture of marble reflects the spirits of traditional culture and contemporary elements, Chinese style is always the icon of this project.
Lining the China paper, grinding the ink and ready for the handwriting, is exactly the daily routine of the home owner.
Embrace the diversity, happiness, and comfort of life, no matter how time flies.
Living Room in the 1st floor embodies the interaction among traditional culture and modern classic. We don’t believe the boundaries of different styled elements; we believe there is a coexistence possibility thus this project is a positive try.
In this project, the overall styling mixes elegance and art into a sleek and simple concept. We believe that even the color scheme expresses a positive attitude towards life.
We designers put the sense of ceremony running through the dining room design concept. Interior decoration including decorative paintings, Chinese style dining chairs and western cutlery is just a perfect combo of eastern and western culture.
The living room design on Ground Floor seems simple and straightforward, however as detail-oriented designers we integrate the passion of life in each corner of the space. For example, the florid color of pillow in creamy color sofa makes the space much more active and relaxing.
In the Master Room, we prefer more natural style here. We create a calm and chilling atmosphere here in the Master Room.
Decoration matters a lot, details speak for the home owner.
In this project, we implement the combination of Eastern and Western culture. We believe that even modern villa life cannot get rid of the traditional art. Thus, we integrate Tea Room, Calligraphy Room, Meditation Room into modern interior design. We care the daily function of space as well as the beauty of art, we are trying to provide a cozy and classic home for our client.

Steven Li