Huangpu beach courtyard

by Ying huadong

Projet Description

If hard outfit is space design of the body, soft outfit design is the soul
The BEAR BRICK 】 three cubs...
NO, it is more cubs take you into his (her) owner's home - >
The owner of 90 's newlyweds Delivery room inside for the black and white contrast facing large area, considering the young peple pursuit of colorful life, stylist is in soft outfit colour is applied in a wide range with low saturation color piece of furniture, relative to the morandi's fresh, designers choose heavy, low saturation of the color and the overall hard behave affectedly.
Look from the whole atmosphere, hard outfit in black, white, grey tone balance and harmony, pay attention to the painting of heavy feeling, every furniture space established a relationship with him, sending out the simple form, emphasize its texture, but kept the watch of exquisite, different furniture each have a different colour.
"Hopebird" proudly standing on high, dressed in 24 kt gold hand-painted, gazing at the horizon, leading the host in the future.
In soft outfit furniture sofa and odd chair in heavy color frosted fabrics, combined with metope copper custom wall act the role ofing to cater to the hard outfit material composed atmosphere, highlight the color deep. Bosa primates on tea table of apes headdress flower make sitting room space much a few minutes mystery.
Philippe him design of floor lamp has a guard armed with machine guns, standing in the corner silent guard
Top of the customization model of three echo of droplight of dot cube shape with tea table cube, begets false or true
Ye Jie "hermes" harmony with hermes scarves, a lampstand lingers to give you the whole tree green
Hermes scarves do adornment picture framed, play as ten times the effect of silk scarves, running in the flowers in the small restaurant zebra will calm atmosphere active, circular Gao Liangguang chrome plated floral organ like an asteroid dining-room space below the body
The study of contemporary young people without the sort of elegant flavor, replaced by the user's hobby is collecting, can be seen from the choice of desk users seeking freedom.
The display of the master bedroom space discard excess, keep the bedroom most comfortable state. Weakening surrounding for the center with the bed on colour
Advocate defend bath are removed space expand basin using space, large double basin design meet the men and women host wash one's hands at the same time, using the original yellow titanium element metal Mosaic collocation, costly feeling.
Arc Mosaic floors on black marble door plank diablo modern space
Large penthouse terrace on borrow possessed all the city lights of friends kawakaze and tasted good wine

Ying huadong