Hongsheng International Sales Department

by Liu Qing

Projet Description

Since last year, he has cooperated with Mr. Chang on many projects, all of which are real estate projects. At present, he is working on a private primary school. What I didn't expect is that Mr. Chang's meticulous boss said to me lovingly, "come on, Liu Qing!" Yes, a lot of customers have become friends from the first time to many times of cooperation. They all say that it's hard to get acquaintances. Maybe I'm lucky.
I'm not very polite when it comes to this cooperation. Many things insist on landing according to the design. Chang always sees the construction site in person now, and every group of data is strictly controlled. We also want to help him present better projects. Although they have the best reputation in the local area, who is not willing to do the "icing on the cake" thing? In fact, I am not conceited that I am the flower, but I will try my best to sublimate the project.
This set of works also wants to create an elegant and poetic way of life in the city, with the lake as the theme, the spiral staircase and the surrounding waterscape winding up, and the material is mainly solid wood, cave stone and water glass surface, reflecting the concept of symbiosis between nature and people.

Liu Qing