Hongkun huayu Villa Sales Office Project

by Zhang Wei

Projet Description

Jizhou District, known as Yuyang in ancient times, is the only half mountain district and county in Tianjin, and also the "back garden" of Tianjin. The mountain is located in nine places. When you go out, you will be prosperous and when you enter, you will be quiet. Taking advantage of the favorable time and location of the project, this project adapts measures to local conditions, absorbs regional characteristics, combines the shape of the mountain and its culture, and endows the space with new life through the application of natural elements.
Designers try to use modern design techniques to refine Chinese elements, combine the current design concept and new technology, discard the cumbersome, present a calm and elegant space, so that the environment and soul can reach the aesthetic realm of spirit and quiet. The space intentionally follows the order and rhythm of Chinese space, reflects the organic balance and symmetry, and enhances the ritual sense of space. When you are in the middle of it, you can find the art forms in this interesting space and feel the constant charm flowing in the variation space. Stone, paint, silk cloth, wood facing, copper Through the organic combination and application of different materials, it becomes the carrier of space expression, which is elegant and interesting, and allows you to enjoy yourself in space. Draw inspiration from Chinese ancient architectural culture. Perfect integration of new Chinese style and modern comfort. With freehand brushwork as the ideal and splashing ink as the theme, it freely interprets the essence of the East. Delicate and luxurious silk fabric, metal and wood temperament fusion, deduce into the space of magic pen.
The colors of the sales office: red, gold, eye-catching and classic, the color of the palace, the symbol of power, the mark of the times, the auspicious color of Fengshui.

Zhang Wei