Hong Kong Youlai Interactive Technology Group Guangzhou Headquarters Office Building

by JIAHUA Design

Projet Description

This case is a set of high-rise apartment office. Based on the customer demand and the characteristics of the original apartment, the design starts from the transformation of the structure. The front desk reception keeps the original floor height to achieve the effect of atmosphere, open and transparent. The conference room and other functional spaces also keep the original floor height. The office area is unified to make the maximum use of space, and the function division is clear, so as to create a simple and comfortable office By.
The combination of dynamic and static space, front desk reception, large conference room, boss office and other space is mainly static, reflecting the high culture of the listed company. Office space, corridors and leisure areas are mainly mobile. Considering that most of the staff are young people, it aims to create an office atmosphere with a sense of nature, enthusiasm, belonging, efficiency and concentration. So that people working in it can work more comfortable and efficient, and stimulate their own creativity while relaxed and energetic.
In the space color processing, it breaks the original dull office environment, meets the requirements of work, negotiation, storage, entertainment, leisure, meeting and private space, and gives office workers comfortable operating space as far as possible.