Heyitang lavipeditum

by Zhang XiaoWei

Project Description

Harmony is like the breeze. Everything in earth has its reason. We let the simple and profound laws of nature dissolve into the thought of harmony and dialectics. The use of natural, harmonious, neutral and equal design, giving a person with beautiful, elegant, simple and modern sense of Beauty.
The large screen LED display screen forms a simulated painting of mountains and rivers, connecting heaven and earth with water and creating wealth through flowing water. The bar counter is backed by a biomimetic bamboo background, symbolizing the steady progress of the mountain. The scene of a lantern in the center of the hall also symbolizes a thriving natural scene of favorable weather and abundant grains. Whether it is natural stone, antique lamps, or relatively economical imitation marble floor tiles, all show the designer's ingenuity and ingenious design thinking.
The setting of the leisure area is easy and enjoyable, as the saying goes, "without the chaos of silk and bamboo, without the laborious form of paperwork. Sitting in such a space, sipping tea and sipping tea, having a clear understanding of oneself. You can temporarily leave the hustle and bustle of the city, or be alone or socialize. The design of the main light is like a bright moon in the air, bringing the natural atmosphere indoors, making people feel like they are free from the constraints of space. However, another peaceful state of mind before and after the flowers and the moon grows
The design of the hallway still adopts a dark tone that fits the theme, with a metallic paint finish and water features, adding a touch of fun to the monotonous hallway space. When walking in the hallway, it feels like breaking free from the shackles of the secular world. Forget yourself and enjoy the gilded and colorful lights, feeling the tranquility and beauty of this place.
项⽬名称 | 和易堂
项⽬地址 | 安徽 ⽆为
空间⾯积 | 1200m²
主案设计 | 张⼩伟
项⽬总监 | 刘璨璨

Zhang XiaoWei