Hengbang Enterprise Club

by Zhang Nan

Projet Description

In the art place integrating elegance and taste, you can enjoy a panoramic view from all over the world. Through the bustling city, you can easily see the artistic atmosphere. The clean and pure Oriental image combines hunxiong and Chaoyi into a free and easy state. With soft colors and detailed light and shadow, you can sit on the clouds and overlook the bustling city. At the same time, you can also fully feel the light flowing in the space, which gives you a kind of suddenly cheerful when you sit and watch the clouds rise. The overall space is named after quietness, obedience to etiquette, elegance and wisdom, piano sound, cloud viewing, secluded sleep, magenta, Zen singing, and smelling fragrance to represent its functions. With Confucian humility and extraordinary demeanor of the king of benevolence, the whole space exudes profound charm and lasting appeal. A bit of Zen is mixed with elegant simplicity. It jumps into the natural nature and enjoys the indifferent sense of landscape.

Zhang Nan