Haicheng financial Real estate and sales, Lanzhou


Projet Description

Lanzhou, known as "Gold City" in ancient times, the Yellow River passes through the city. In this case, the Grand View of the northwest over the past thousand years is integrated into the interior space of the building, with gold as the main color, and silk elements are integrated into the interior and furnishing design, showing the luxury and nobility of oriental characteristics, echoing with the haze outside the building.
High space, open atmosphere, strong oriental classical aesthetics is contained in it, the unity of opposites dynamic balance makes the beauty of space full of layers. Based on the understanding of the unique regional culture, the cultural elements and connotation are integrated into each utensil to express the great beauty of Lanzhou with art and design.
The art lighting in the reception hall is like a silver ribbon connecting the space. It is like inlaying in the sunset of the lonely smoke desert. It reproduces the scene of endless business travel on the Silk Road in those years, and it seems to hear the long camel bell floating in the desert.
The hall of the negotiation area is high and open, majestic and grand. The partition of the screen style contains a strong oriental classical aesthetics. It can also be said that "when you come to Lanzhou, you can feel the darkness by singing your soul.". This "screen" adds a bit of modern flexibility because of the regular geometric figure above, but the subtle combination is a profound visual change.
Water bar uses texture to enhance texture. The mystery of black, the luxury of gold, bring a strong visual impact. It not only reflects the high artistic sentiment, but also represents the pursuit of high-quality life details.
The top shaped art installation focuses passers-by's attention on the hall, where the artistry of space is displayed. The golden color of silk still runs through, such as the bottom of the round platform where art works are placed, the legs of tables and chairs, etc., reflecting the beauty of art in details.