Guangzhou Zengcheng Merchants Yongjingwan Villa

by Guangzhou Jushe Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The space in this case is mainly in warm colors. Through materials such as brass, wood veneer and marble, it matches the design with both natural flavor and modern delicacy.
The high space of the living room is transformed from flat floor to three-dimensional space in vision. Large area windows are used to optimize the lighting conditions, guide the scenery into the room, and broaden the space vision. In the space, the texture of different materials collide and fuse with each other, light and shadow interweave, giving the space emotional and romantic vitality.
The design of the open style restaurant opens up the sense of separation in the space, expands the visual boundary, and increases more interaction and fun when dining. At the same time, the combination of chandeliers in the restaurant stretches the depth of the space.
The high staircase area spreads out the exquisite life style layer upon layer, and the white marble flakes form a clever transition between space and vision.
The primary and secondary bedrooms are consistent with the living room in style, and the tone is more quiet and elegant. The light reflected into the room through the curtains and the orange make the sleeping area more soft and comfortable.

Guangzhou Jushe Decoration Design Co., Ltd.