Greenland•Hangzhou Bay Bopai Hotel

by Yuyong Wen

Projet Description

Time is a short story, and we stop and go in the story. Bopai Hotel is a "small box" that you unintentionally opened in your time, and it is a good thing in your story. Your time is free and vigorous, just like Bopai's brand concept. Bopai is not only a hotel, it is more like expounding or showing a new way of life that belongs to the future as far as the present is concerned, the future that can be seen by eyesight. It seems to redefine the relationship between human being as a cellular state and social organism and the possible ways of mutual companionship.
The designer is determined to create a low-cost, quality, interesting, energetic and emotional Hotel and serviced apartment for young people.

Yuyong Wen