Geometry Bookstore

by Junyan Wang

Projet Description

There is a life called bookstore
I've seen a documentary film "video poetry in bookstores" before and I like it very much. It tells the stories of 40 bookstores with different personalities in Taiwan. At that time, I was always looking forward to when I could have an image of independent bookstores in Shanghai or the mainland.
Coincidentally, not long ago, the company received the design task of "geometry bookstore" project, which will be launched by Qinghai geometry culture in Shanghai shijihui.
Nearly 2000 square meters of geometry bookstore will be located in Shanghai Pudong Century Avenue Century Plaza.
Opening bookstores and selling books are two concepts. This is a rapidly changing era. It's so fast that many people are anxious and can't keep up with the pace. In the rush time, I can take out a spare time, come to a bookstore, meet a good book, an interesting person, a new and interesting way of life.
From Xining, Chengdu, Wuhan to Shanghai, geometry bookstores can become popular online topics. The pillars like caves, the continuous arched ceiling, the spacious reading space and the rich design of cultural and creative areas are all customized signs for geometry bookstore.
There is also a coffee shop with "geographer's coffee" hidden in the cave, which seems to be a gathering place for geographers exploring deep in the cave. It's very interesting.
Geometry. It refers to the infinite and changeable graphics constructed by points, lines and surfaces in different dimensions. Everything we see is composed of points, lines and surfaces. Geometry Bookstore hopes to be the central link between people. Make life diverse.
Maybe it's the fireworks created by geometry bookstore in its design. Although people come and go, take photos, punch in and out, drink coffee, and move very clearly and smoothly, they all enjoy reading in their own small space in a common space,
Reading is a practice, even if the road is far away, people who love reading can not be less. When there is a bookstore in a city, I become us.

Junyan Wang