Gaoyou Luyu Commercial Building Project

by IVY Architectural Firm

Projet Description

The project is an architectural design plan for the east side of hexi road and the west side of phoenix. The project is located in gaoyou city, China, in the Yangtze river delta, in the double radiation area of Shanghai economic circle and nanjing metropolitan circle, covering a total area of 18,000 square meters with a construction area of 23,000 square meters.
The local block is close to gaoyou municipal government, the southern side of the city green square beautiful landscape, zhou huan phoenix, central county and other residential communities, has a huge commercial advantage. The purpose of the project is to make full use of the advantages of the location and reasonable use of the natural landscape on the basis of coordinating the surrounding buildings, so as to build a shopping park integrating shopping, leisure and entertainment, and to form a city leisure business circle with shopping, catering, entertainment, culture, communication and fitness.
Combined with the height difference of the central green landscape area, the commercial street sets up a vertical green space. By means of stepped flower platform, overhanging plants and natural slope, the two-dimensional green landscape is led to a three-dimensional space, forming a rich and multi-dimensional three-dimensional green space. The design not only pays attention to the artificial landscape feng shui, but also coordinates with the European "classical aesthetic" architectural style, embodies the idea of "the unity of man and nature", more with the modern concept of "returning to nature". The building facade continues the Spanish style of the surrounding buildings, infuses the detailed features of European architecture, combines the materials and colors of modern architecture, fully reflects the European Spanish architectural style, and interprets the traditional and innovative architectural style.

IVY Architectural Firm