by Cloud dot inking Design

Projet Description

Design description: This case combines high-end colors such as black, white and gray, based on the ultimate simple style, through some exquisite soft decoration elements to highlight the texture, while also condensing unexpected functions and details, which can enhance the ritual sense of life. Let the residence not only meet the basic needs but also reach the experience of experience, let us see not only the design but the profound experience of life.
At the entrance of the entrance, there is a Taihu stone, with a sense of straightforward design. The custom-made locker next to it cleverly shelters the open reading area at the rear. Through the ray of sunlight in the living room, reading time becomes leisurely. The living room without the main light is more layered because of the point reflection and surround lighting of several spotlights and light strips. Off-white leather sofa, exquisite coffee table and single chair, and distinctive zebra pattern carpet, the combination makes the whole living room more spacious and bright, simple and elegant, and has a strong sense of refinement.
The overall custom-made TV cabinet adopts Yunyan white and golden silk ebony as the color scheme. Calmness is the most appropriate expression of golden silk ebony, and it is an extension of light luxury and restrained style. Yunyan white is white and simple, and against the dark-toned gold ebony, it collides with a minimalist and dazzling minimalist and luxurious feeling.
In the dining room, the finished custom deck replaces the traditional dining table and chair layout. On the one hand, it saves aisle space, on the other hand, the deck can form a new storage space. The three-piece super-white mirror on the ceiling is the visual effect of the entire restaurant space is infinitely magnified, which echoes the Roman custom wallpaper on the wall, with a full sense of space.

Cloud dot inking Design