Fang Cun Zhi Jian

by Lin Jian

Projet Description

"Hear what you hear, see what you see and go away"
This case is a cultural and creative space, a new Chinese architectural style, and a modern interpretation of Chinese traditional architectural culture by the designer of this case. It is not luxurious and has nothing to carve, but with the unique charm of simple and introverted, classic and exquisite, and the traditional concept of "harmony between man and nature", and in harmony with the natural environment, it creates an elegant cultural and creative space with Oriental Zen spirit.
The whole space is divided into two layers. The designer of the middle Pavilion on the negative floor perfectly collides the delicacy of the Chinese style Gallery Pavilion with the modern simple and neat techniques. The lines of geometric shape match the Fujian lacquer art to form a three-dimensional space. The local anticorrosive wood floor continues the corridor Pavilion style, supplemented by the design of warm color light belt, which not only considers the humid geographical location, but also brings warmth to the space. The seemingly square chairs in the leisure area are softened by the smooth lines, and the geometric shape is fully displayed once again. What we feel here is not only the elegant, implicit and neat space style, but also the rhyme and elegance. The essence of Chinese classical culture is integrated into it, combined with modern design and bold creation, the space appears simple, clear, simple and restrained, presenting an extremely strong oriental sentiment.
In the depth of the space, the designer boldly opens up a green space. The tall green plants in the design will extend the negative first floor to the first floor, so that the space of the two floors is integrated. Green visual impact, fresh breath, let the design with a quiet artistic conception of the United States, but also more in line with the aesthetic and needs of modern people. The soft sofa makes you relax, sit on the ground, meditate on the Lantau Island, and make tea in the lamp. In the past and present, a square stone, a tea, a period of time, a dream......

Lin Jian