Eternal Summer

by Yuelong Li

Projet Description

Feel the change of seasons, flowers blooming and leaves falling, cold weather and warm ground, blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, functional areas, let freedom and spontaneous growth, let family better communication and care, let self quiet sublimation.
This case is a post-80s family with four members. The host and hostess prefer the intellectual beauty brought by the black and gray system, and prefer the simple and practical space experience. A woman and a son are lively, eager for knowledge, like to communicate and good at expression. The hostess and hostess want to give the children more company in this space.
When I first entered the original space, I felt the poor lighting and ventilation effect brought by the slender middle apartment, which had an impact on the living experience. I also felt that the beauty of the shade in midsummer outside the window was the color given by nature, pure and elegant. Because of its use, there was the beauty of interaction between man and nature.
It's like the summer time, the shade in the yard, the white shaman dancing with the wind, through the French windows of the living room, the outside is lush. Day after day, year after year, with my family and myself, we can experience every minute that life brings us.

Yuelong Li