Elegant time

by Tong Fei

Projet Description

In this case, the whole space is mainly white, black and high-grade gray, supplemented by contrasting color blocks for decoration, so that the whole space presents an elegant and luxurious taste of life. The contemporary art aesthetics and the spirit of space are combined to reflect each other, and the rationality and feelings are harmonious.
More often, the space is like a big container, holding the family's life items, recording their joys and sorrows, life trajectory, personal preferences... The living room uses traditional marble as the floor and wall decoration, supplemented by different materials of black walls and carpets. The use of gray tone makes the whole space calm and quiet, showing a noble and gorgeous atmosphere. The use of different materials can affect the overall texture and cultural style of the space. Each material has its own unique language. Their texture and aesthetic feeling make the sense of space atmosphere stronger and the sense of quality improved.
The living room is equipped with a large area of French windows. The transparent natural light is integrated with the warm yellow light of the spherical decorative lamp. The light sense collides with each other, and the most moving notes are flying. Soft off white fabric sofa, pillow with blue department and orange Department contrast, tone one deep one shallow, relaxation degree, will reflect the temperament aesthetics to the extreme.
Art is the level of interpreting people's life and spirit. The irregular corner of the tea table and the pillow of the contrast color block, with distinct personality, free from the constraints of any era, freely and paranoid, exudes the vitality of space. Material and color are linguistic. The round desk lamp adds warmth to the black background decorative surface, and the Striped carpet brings a gentle atmosphere to the space. With the backward sense of color, the whole space is more open and the story is more vivid. The TV background wall uses denim blue to the extreme. The gradual change of blue shows the sense of the times under the background of the inner light band. Combined with the simple and smooth line decoration of the surrounding walls, it is harmonious but not complicated, breaking the dull feeling of dark color. The dining room is connected with the living room, and the area is clear. The dining room expands the vision with the gray shrinkage color of the main body, and increases the sense of hierarchy of space with different material decorations. The tabletop adopts the organic combination of brass and glass, which can scatter the light sense of metal chandelier. Sit around, bathe in the light, or call friends, or a family to smile and tell the interesting things of life.

Tong Fei